Exercise Like The Animals (ExLA) is dedicated to the overall wellness of children through fitness with a literacy twist. Beginning with ages 3 to 6; we introduce our Playouts and Exercise Like The Animals from A to Z, by Jerry Turcotte.

The exercises combine fun and frivolity with fundamental and functional movements. In the middle of this sweet spot for learning, we introduce knowledge about the animals and fitness. Playouts are ideal for children in preschool, classrooms, gymnasiums, parks,  after school programming and more!

Combined with our robust guide, teachers find easy ways to build intentional physical activities into many existing lessons – ranging from ELA, Social Studies and Math. Indeed, accompanied with our innovative paperback and Kindle ebook, Exercise Like The Animals from A to Z, enhances much of the common core.

Although customization in availble, a typical Playout is 25 minutes of multi-planar movement (running, jumping, squatting, crawling and aerobic exercises) all inspired by animals. Children gain confidence, balance and strength in their minds and bodies. They learn about animals with the rhymes that accompany the movements. Learn them where you share time with children with the book, Exercise Like The Animals from A to Z, or schedule a visit from one of our certified group fitness instructors.

Children will laugh and have fun. They will get a workout. They will learn.

Bring the gift of fun exercise to a child’s life. Buy Exercise Like The Animals from A to Z and Contact us. Thanks.


All children deserve to be fit without the need for a team, a ball or much more than their imagination. Exercise Like The Animals combines the power of a child’s imagination and their love of animals to move them into personal understanding of a body’s mechanics. We’re all just looking for a fun activity to get and keep us moving and help us build confidences in ourselves.

Bring the gift of fun exercise to your child’s life.



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