Exercise Like The Animals is a workout program for children. It’s best for ages 3 to 6; however, older children (and adults) still enjoy the movements that give them the freedom to be silly — like Lemur L and Monkey M. Families can have a Playout at home with the book Exercise Like The Animals from A to Z.

Children in preschool, after school, out of school and with no school (at libraries, churches, family functions, summer camps and more!) experience Playouts led by one of our certified and trained group fitness instructors. A typical Playout is 25 minutes of multi-planar movement (running, jumping, squatting, crawling and aerobic exercises) all inspired by animals. Children gain confidence, balance and strength in their minds and bodies. They learn about animals with the rhymes that accompany the movements. Learn them where you share time with children with the book, Exercise Like The Animals from A to Z, on youtube or schedule one of our certified group fitness instructors.

Children will laugh and have fun. They will get a workout. They will learn.

Bring the gift of fun exercise to your child’s life. Buy Exercise Like The Animals from A to Z and Contact us. Thanks.


All children deserve to be fit without the need for a team, a ball or much more than their imagination. Exercise Like The Animals combines the power of a child’s imagination and their love of animals to move them into personal understanding of a body’s mechanics. We’re all just looking for a fun activity to get and keep us moving and help us build confidences in ourselves.

Exercise Like The Animals educates and inspires kids to be fit through fun animal mimicry, rhymes, instructor-led “Playouts,” books, videos and games. We move around a lot in our Playouts.

Exercise Like The Animals from A to Z is where it all begins for your child. This picture book by ExLA, Inc. founder, Jerry Turcotte, and his son, Max, is a 26 animal journey through a whole-body human workout. Children love to carry books around, get this one that educates and inspires exercise? Please pick up a copy at Amazon.com.

Check out Jerry Turcotte demonstrating on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie.

Bring the gift of fun exercise to your child’s life.



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