A Guide to Building Your Animals

Jerry Turcotte, Founder and Lead Instructor of Exercise Like The Animals, spent the better part of three decades living in varying degrees of obesity. You can learn how he did here. Five years fit and better than ever, he shares his fun, fitness message in group presentations, for staff professional development and Playouts (Play+workout) for children (ages 3 and up) and their adults.
Exercise Like The Animals’ unique style of fitness is inspired by the movements of animals and the ways in which humans can mimic them. Rhymes, which allow for passive, auditory learning about animals and movement, pin the exercises to the alphabet.
The picture book, Exercise Like The Animals from A to Z, by Jerry Turcotte, illustrates the movements, displays the rhymes and offers narratives to help parents, teachers and child readers meet optimal form in the movements.
But what is the next step for you to make it a part of a child’s life in a classroom or gym class?
Jerry Turcotte’s A Simple Guide to Building Your Animals takes the book a step further. It offers teachers, after school providers, preschool teachers and parents a flexible way to help children enthusiastically adopt fitness as a daily activity. The Guide adds video demonstrations!
An outline designed to inspire your creativity for building examples into your lesson planning for children is also included.
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