Exercise Like The Animals and Buffalo Summer Camps 2017

Exercise Like The Animals invites summer camp directors and programmers to contact us now to schedule Playouts for the children in your camps. Thirty minutes of our unique aerobic and multi-planar workout is guaranteed to move kids in fun, sweaty animal ways. Rhymes and our certified group fitness instructors lead the way to animal fitness.

We offer daily, twice a week, weekly and one time Playout opportunities. Those doing Playouts every day work to master the exercises, the rhymes, their bodies and a knowledge base for animals.

One time Playouts are fast-paced. We zoom through our alphabet of animals and leave the kids wanting us to “Blast Off” one more time. (Surprise! R in our exercise alphabet is Rocket Robot!)

If your summer camp (July 10 to August 18, 2017) satisfies the typical space ratios of your granting entities, we should be able to accommodate your children in your space. Outside is even better!

One Playout is $40 and lasts 30 minutes. (One hour — two Playouts — is $75.)

One Playout a week for six weeks of Summer Camp is $235.00.

Two Playouts a week for six weeks of Summer Camp is $450.00.

One Playout a day for the whole camp is $1,100.00.

Get the student bundle of Exercise Like The Animals from A to Z by Jerry Turcotte – regularly $9.99 each or get a bundle of 25 for $225.00.

Contact us now or call (716) FIT – 6090.

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