Hey there!

You kept on clicking for fitness. You want to know how you can bring animal exercise to your kids. We appreciate it.

We believe in the multi-planar and aerobic mixture our Playouts offer your children. Motivated by the rhymes, playful leadership and the fun of it, children practice balance and gross motor skills, while building strength and flexibility. It’s contagious to see people laughing while they are running.

But how?

You could watch this video with them.  Your participation will enhance the child’s enjoyment.

It’s a great idea to get books into the hands of children. Having them around and reading them for 20 minutes a day to a child will encourage your child into a life of words, of being a reader and give them the confidence for self-education.

Mr. Jerry grew up a chubby kid. After thirty years, he finally learned that exercise that’s fun gets done.  That fun comes alive through you and your children off the pages of Exercise Like The Animals from A to Z. The book illustrates and educates through pictures and rhymes. Buy the book, Exercise Like The Animals from A to Z at Amazon.

However, schools, preschools, early child care centers, libraries, churches, family events, after school/out-of-school programs or where ever it is you inspire children might like to buy many copies and get a discount for your children. Contact us.

Engage instructors for live Playouts. Bring group fitness instruction to your children. Our trained and certified group fitness instructors lead your children in fun, animal mimicry with rhymes that instruct and motivate. Starting as low as $40 for one Playout*, we offer:

  1. Single Events (Wellness fairs, school enrichment days, churches, weddings, etc.)
  2. Discounts for regularly scheduled Playouts (once per week, multiple times per month, etc.)
  3. Discounts on blocks of Playouts of one hour or more

Mr. Jerry is also available to speak to adult and inter generational groups about the value of fitness and the struggles of weight loss after a “lifetime” of living the alternative. He also advises communities and school districts on the promise of fun fit living for happiness as well as health costs. Contact us for these and all of our opportunities.

*Playouts require safe space and ratios. Travel within one hour of Buffalo.